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Facemasks For Acne Scaring

1. Lemon Juice Facial:

Simply take a cotton pad or cotton ball, dab it with some lemon juice, then start massaging your acne scars thoroughly. The acidity will soften the skin and reduce the appearance of the scars. Let it stay on for about 20 minutes and then wash it away with warm water.

2. Tomato Face Mask:

Take a small or large tomato, slice it in two, and then start rubbing your scars with one of the halves. This has a 2 prong effect, which is to lighten the scars and increase skin elasticity. Wash it away after 20 minutes.

3. Egg Whites:

Use a cotton pad or cotton ball to massage egg white into your skin. The whites of an egg have very powerful healing qualities which can help to heal your scarring and make it significantly less visible.

4. Cucumber Juice:

This is a great technique for reducing inflammation and increasing elasticity. Since there is no acidity in cucumber juice, there is no need to wash it off immediately. Leave it on and be sure to repeat this remedy daily.

5. Baking Soda Remedy:

An excellent and very popular method for how to get rid of acne scars naturally, as it helps to unclog your pores, it kills acne causing bacteria, and it even helps to exfoliate the skin. Simply combine water and baking soda and mix it thoroughly into a paste. Apply this mixture to your acne scars and let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse and wash your skin well. Use this technique twice daily.

6. The Honey Rub:

An excellent way to smooth out the skin and clean your pores. Use warm-hot water to clean your face, then quickly pat the skin dry. This will open up the pores and allow the honey to get in there. Apply the honey liberally to the areas affected by acne scars AND all around these areas too. If you want you can heat the honey for a few seconds to make it runnier and less sticky and heavy.

Wait for about 20 minutes, then wash your face again with warm-hot water. Dry your face for a second time and then rub an ice cube all over your skin, thereby closing the pores. This technique, like any other, won’t completely get rid of acne scars all on it’s own, but it will greatly help if you include it in your routine.


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